Day and Night Acne Spot Treatment Gel

Emergency Acne Relief

Combining day and night usage to effectively tackle the causes of acne. Witness improvements within 24 hours!

Causes of Acne Formation

Development of Acne

Inflammation and infection continuously worsen... Your blocked pores develops from a tiny blackhead to a infected black/white head. Eventually, the infected skin develops into a pimple, leaving a scar behind.

Daytime application effectively treats the acne

Effects of daytime application

Nighttime application significantly enhances the treatment

Effects of nighttime application

Innovative 3D Layered Hydrogel Technology

Our First technology edge

Gradual release of calming agents into the skin, suppressing the growth of acne by reducing inflammation-without causing additional irritation

Molecular Biology Technology: Regulation of the Skin's Circadian Rhythm

Our second technology edge

Our innovative technology optimizes the skin cell's biological clock and synchronizes the skin's 24 hour regulation cycle.

Why treat acne in a day-night segmented way?

Segmented day-night acne gel application allows for a more precise, scientific, and effective acne skincare solution.

Day and Night Acne Spot Treatment Gel

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