Oil-Control Essence Water

Oil balance, control, and pore-refining series


Oil-Balance Pore-Refining Lotion

Oily! Pores! Pimples!

How much longer will you be troubled for?

Multidimensional Improvement of Skin Condition

Reduce Greasiness and Break oily skin cycle

Balance and Condition your Skin

Control Oil from its source

Imported from Spain

Results Backed by Science

Acne's Ultimate Nemesis,

Imported from Japan

Address Recurring Acne- Achieve Clear Skin in One-Step

Immediately Tighten Pores

No more panic!

Triple Skincare Technology

Rapidly removes acne and reduces scars

Innovative Ice-Blast Cooling Technology*

Delivers an instant and powerful cooling sensation to the skin.

Essence and Lotion Synergy

Boosted efficacy in oil control, breaking the oily skin cycle

Simple and Safe Ingredients, no Burden on your Skin

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