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In the dynamic world of cosmetics, collaborations are the lifeline to groundbreaking success. At Bodylife, we are immensely proud of our strategic and prosperous partnership with Xinxuan. Behind Xinxuan is its visionary founder Youzhi Xin, a trailblazing influencer on the Chinese short-video platform, Kuaishou. Youzhi Xin has over 100 million followers on the platform.

Stepping into the role of Xinxuan's trusted OEM manufacturer, Bodylife played a pivotal role in shaping and producing a diverse range of products, leading to the birth of multiple flourishing brands under Youzhi Xin's leadership. The success is undeniably meteoric. A testament to this is the record-breaking livestream session on June 14, 2020, where Youzhi Xin chalked up sales amounting to a staggering ¥1.2 billion RMB (approximately $187 million USD) of GMV.

Our partnership with Xinxuan isn't just about strategy – it's about synergizing strengths, driving innovation, and redefining the horizons of the cosmetics world.

Influencer Founded: Youzhi xin

The famed Chinese influencer Youzhi Xin during a livestreaming session

Product of Zuzu, one of Youzhi Xin's brands

At Bodylife, our partnership with ZUZU is a remarkable chapter in our story of success. ZUZU, another esteemed brand birthed by the influential Youzhi Xin, has carved its niche as a prominent name in the Chinese cosmetics landscape. Thanks to the formidable influence of Youzhi Xin, Zuzu's annual sales have skyrocketed, exceeding an impressive 3 billion RMB (approximately $450 million USD).

From its inception, Bodylife has been a pillar of support for Zuzu's ascendancy. Our expert team has meticulously crafted, formulated, and manufactured a plethora of products for Zuzu, ranging from advanced facial care solutions to base makeup foundations and creams. The collaboration symbolizes our shared dedication to quality and innovation in the cosmetics arena.


Influencer Founded: Youzhi xin

Bodylife produced ZUZU Moisturizing Cream for Women

Bodylife produced ZUZU Makeup Primer Isolation Cream

Bodylife's illustrious legacy of partnerships is further enriched by our collaboration with HuaMeiDu, a brand founded by the charismatic Chinese influencer and entrepreneur, Mantian Hua, in 2018. Boasting a dedicated fanbase of 4 million followers on Kuaishou, Mantian Hua's magnetic appeal is undeniable.

Our journey with HuaMeiDu began at its nascent stage, processing orders as intimate as 500 pieces. The brand's meteoric rise is evident in its sales trajectory, skyrocketing to a staggering GMV of over ¥60 million RMB (approximately $8.96 million USD). Every product under the HuaMeiDu banner is a testament to Bodylife's meticulous crafting, engineering, and production capabilities, spotlighting our mutual dedication and shared vision for success.


Influencer Founded: mantian hua

Bodylife produced HuaMeiDu Moisturizing Essence Water

Bodylife produced HuaMeiDu Essence Eye Mask (Left), SPF 50+ Sunscreen (Right)

Bodylife produced HuaMeiDu Makeup Remover (Left), Truffle Yease Essence Water (Right)

Bodylife produced HuaMeiDu Makeup Remover

Bodylife produced HuaMeiDu Truffle Yeast Essence Water

Bodylife produced HuaMeiDu Eye Mask

Bodylife produced HuaMeiDu SPF 50+ Sunscreen

Bodylife takes immense pride in its collaborative journey with Gichancy, a distinguished name in the realm of Chinese cosmetics. Incepted in 2015, Gichancy's novel approach of melding Western and Eastern cosmetic philosophies to bring out people's inner beauty quickly resonated with consumers, catapulting it to the limelight in record time. The brand's meteoric rise is evident in its staggering annual sales figures, touching a remarkable 4 billion RMB (approximately $624 million USD).

At the heart of Gichancy's success story lies Bodylife's unwavering commitment and expertise. Our involvement was pivotal in both developing and manufacturing some of Gichancy's top-selling products, further emphasizing the power of collaborative excellence in the ever-evolving cosmetics industry.


Strategic Partnership:

Bodylife Produced Gichancy Shampoo Kit

Bodylife Produced Gichancy Moisturizing Gift Set

Bodylife is immensely proud of its enduring partnership with MarySharon, a renowned name in the Chinese cosmetics landscape. MarySharon isn't just another brand; it resonates with a vast fan base, and its high-profile advertising collaborations, including one with the legendary actor Jackie Chan, have only amplified its visibility and appeal. MarySharon has curated a range of premium products that encompass a wide variety of skin and facial care solutions.

From the onset, Bodylife has been an instrumental OEM partner to MarySharon, taking charge of both formulating and manufacturing their diverse product line. The remarkable achievement of MarySharon, racking up annual sales of a whopping 1 billion RMB (approximately $156 million USD), stands as a glowing testament to our collaborative success. This enduring relationship exemplifies the potential of the OEM model and the mutual growth it promises for both our esteemed businesses.


Partners From the Beginning:

MarySharon Sponsored Concert, featuring various Chinese celebrities, including Jackie Chan

Bodylife Produced MarySharon Nighttime Cream Mask

Bodylife Produced MarySharon Foundation

At Bodylife, our lasting partnership with Mask Family stands as a testament to the synergies of proximity and shared visions. Established in 2007, Mask Family has carved a niche for itself in the Chinese cosmetics landscape, particularly with its specialization in beauty face masks.

Nestled in the same city of Guangzhou, the geographical closeness between Bodylife and Mask Family has been the bedrock of our deep-rooted cooperation. Bodylife's unwavering support has been instrumental in Mask Family's transformative journey - from humble beginnings of orders as modest as 500 pieces a month to an astounding 1 billion RMB (approximately $156 million USD) in annual sales. Our intertwined success stories underline the value of collaborative growth in the cosmetics realm.

Mask Family

Enduring allies:

Bodylife Produced Mask Family Eye Cream

Bodylife Produced Mask Family Green Bean Mask